String Instrument Association and School “Antonio Salieri” - Legnago (VR)

IX International Young Musicians Competition
Prize "Antonio Salieri"
5-6-7-8-12-13-14-15 April 2018


Competition Prize Antonio Salieri


NEWS 2018

Prize Salieri Young
for categories Junior, A, B, C, D

The International Young Musicians Competition - Prize Antonio Salieri - comes from the dual need to enhance and further characterize the action of musical training conducted by the School of String Instruments “Antonio Salieri”, in over ninety years of extensive and qualified activity.

Today more than ever it is necessary to contribute to the promotion of culture, especially among the young talent that should be supported and sent to a possible future profession, worthy of the name.

Aware of the role played by our historic institution in raising awareness and spreading the culture and music in its home area and abroad, it was felt the time was ripe to establish an international competition for young people eager to embrace a career in music.

The competition was founded in the city that was home to the composer Antonio Salieri, an extraordinary artist who, apart from having held the prestigious role as Kapellmeister at the Habsburg court and having composed a large operatic, instrumental and vocal production, has devoted much of his life teaching, instructing some of the greatest musicians of the nineteenth century.

Heritage to be maintained in the name of the noblest tradition: promoting artistic quality by offering a significant opportunity for cultural growth.

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